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Mobile Home Insurance in Fort Myers, FL

Owning a mobile home in Florida comes with unique risks, from natural disasters like storms and fires to unexpected accidents and liabilities. In such scenarios, having adequate mobile home insurance can mean the difference between recovering swiftly or facing significant financial strain.

What Is Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance is designed to protect mobile, manufactured or modular homes. These homes are typically constructed off-site and transported to their final location, which sets them apart from traditional site-built homes. Mobile home insurance helps provide financial protection in case of damage, destruction or loss to your mobile home and its contents by covering various risks and perils, similar to standard homeowners insurance.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

The following are typical coverages in a mobile home insurance policy:

  • Dwelling coverage may cover the cost to rebuild or repair the structure of your mobile home, as well as any attached structures, such as a deck or awning.
  • Other structures coverage may cover additional structures on your property, such as a fence.
  • Personal property coverage may help cover your belongings, such as electronics, clothing and furniture.
  • Personal liability coverage may provide coverage if you’re legally responsible for third-party bodily injuries or damage to another person’s property.
  • Loss of use coverage may pay for relocation costs and other living expenses if you’re temporarily unable to live in your mobile home due to a covered event.

How Does Mobile Home Insurance Work?

Mobile home insurance in Florida is designed to protect mobile homes from various risks. The insurance premiums will depend on certain factors, including the age and condition of your mobile home, its location, the chosen coverage limits, your claims history and the deductible you select. In Florida, hurricane and flood zones can significantly impact insurance rates. In the event of damage to your mobile home, you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company. The process typically involves reporting the loss, documenting the damage, and working with adjusters to assess and repair the damage. Consult with an insurance agent familiar with Florida’s risks and requirements to make an informed choice.

Can You Get Mobile Home Insurance in Florida?

Contact Wilcox Family Insurance Company if you need mobile home insurance in Florida. Our agency can help you decide on the best coverage for your situation.

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